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3 Ways to Read the Bible in One Year


Here it comes…a new year!

Maybe you are like me and don’t like resolutions that start on January 1st. Or maybe it is the kick start you need to accomplish your goals. One resolution I have heard from several people is to read their Bible more. One way to meet that goal is to read the Bible in one year. While you may picture hours of reading, but it’s usually about 15 minutes. It’s a worthy goal that can enrich your spiritual life and knowledge. If you would like to read the Bible in one year, here are some options.

  1. Read the Bible in One Year using a printed Bible like this one: The One Year Bible ESV (Softcover) (affiliate link). For those who like the feel of a printed book, this can be the easiest way to have your readings organized. Each day’s portion is set up by date, so you just need to flip the day’s reading and you are all set. It’s not a great Bible for taking to church because it can be hard to find a passage. You will, most likely, need another Bible for all your other Bible uses.
  2. Follow a reading plan on your computer or in an app. You can https://my.bible.com/reading-plans/60-the-one-year-bible to read online, or download the YouVersion Bible app https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/and search the plans for a one-year plan that you like. Ideal for someone on the go, who reads mostly off of screens, this can be a great fit.
  3. Find a printable reading plan and use it with your everyday Bible. If you have a Bible you love, and want to take notes in it as you read, this is the best method. This is usually how I read the Bible when I am following a reading plan. It has the added bonus of not being a phone in my hand, wanting to distract me with its next notification. But when I’m traveling and don’t want to pack my large print Bible, I can just grab the reading plan and look up the passages on my phone or Kindle device.  In the past, I’ve tried this plan and liked it: https://fivedaybiblereading.com/, though it didn’t have a Patreon community then. A 5-day/week reading plan can give structure with some flexibility.

In Isaiah 55:11 NASB, we hear, “So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” I want God’s Word to accomplish what He desires to be done in my life. Therefore, I need to be in His Word! Whichever method you use for organizing your Bible reading, I hope you will join me in getting deeper into His Word this coming year. 


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