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31 Bible Verses to Give You Hope: What We Treasure

Bubble Tea. Tacos. Dumplings. These are just a few of the most popular foods that each state in the United States ordered during the early months of the pandemic, according to an article by Yelp. I imagine it shows what people find comforting and maybe even routine. 

As life was disrupted in small and big ways, we each found ways to cling to what we found dear to us. We hosted video chats, we sat in parking lots for church services, we drove past houses and honked to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. We also looked for ways to cope, healthy and unhealthy. For some, this time really revealed what is important in their lives. Some of it is worthy enough to be important, but some of it is not, and is in fact, detrimental. 

This trial and other trials underline what we treasure in our hearts. Matthew 6:21 ESV tells us, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Armed with the knowledge of what we cherish that we shouldn’t, and the strength of the Holy Spirit to change our lives, we can let go of what we crave that ultimately leaves us unfulfilled. And turn to our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is worthy to be treasured and worthy of our heart.

Father, We want to treasure You in our lives, but we value some other things so much! We pray that our hearts would be with You, and that we would treasure You above all else. In Your Name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “31 Bible Verses to Give You Hope: What We Treasure”

  1. I had to look up online what bubble tea was and its Boba tea pearls that burst. I agree with your prayer, “We pray that our hearts would be with You, and that we would treasure You above all else.” ~Lisa, FMF #8

  2. Oh my Juliana your last paragraph hits home with me. I’ve recently realized how much I’ve been “treasuring” or maybe more like addicted to my comfort zone. God is showing me I need to step out and do His work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Your #fmf neighbor, Cindy

  3. that was unexpected. I came expecting to read 31 bible verses and instead was encouraged to let go of the unnecessary. Good but different than expected. 🙂 visiting from FMF23

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