31 Days: “Better”

“By and by when the morning comes,
When the saints of God are gathered home,
We will tell the story how we’ve overcome,
For we’ll understand it better by and by.”
“By and By” by Charles Albert Tindley

I grew up singing hymns, even though few songs written those days were hymns.  I do appreciate the beautiful music within them, and also the poetry found in many of them. Questions are asked and answered in these songs.

“We’ll understand it better by and by” feels like a piece of advice from a Christian who has gone before us, It implies that our understanding might not be here, right now, but as we go through life and get through struggles that we overcome, we will grow in our understanding. This can be an encouragement to you as you go through a trial or when you are on the other side of a trial and can appreciate that God has brought you through.

Have you found a piece of encouragement through Christian music?

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