31 Days: “Deep”

How deep are your friendships and relationships with others?
I have a handful of people where I feel like I have deep, abiding friendships. I develop relationships slowly, but I try to be a loyal, encouraging person who supports and prays for her friends. On the other hand, I have a lot of acquaintances and connections where we don’t really go much beyond the “How are you/I’m fine” exchange. And while I think it would be difficult, especially for an introvert like me, to have a deep friendship with everyone I meet, what would it be like if we treated each person, even just for a moment, like a friend waiting to happen? What if we were willing to be vulnerable with others, instead of only having the conversation you have time for?
Consider how you might go beyond the surface today with someone. You might get to know another person beyond the name that they are and the assumptions you have made about them.

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