31 Days: “Different”

“It’s so hard to be different.” I think there are a few people that might disagree with this, but it is a struggle for many. From an early age, there is pressure to fit in. To meet the standards. To not be too different. To be able to figure out the codes, the unwritten standards, the rules that make you the “same” enough to not be “weird.”

It gets a little easier as you get older, in my experience. Other factors can depend on where you live and who your friends are. We look for acceptance of who we are, and can be lonely when we don’t have it.

The thing is, this perfect acceptance that we are longing for is found in our relationship with Christ. Even though we don’t meet His standard on our own, He covers the difference. Even though we have a bunch of weaknesses, He is strong in those weaknesses. Even though we keep making mistakes, we can repent and He forgives us.

When we can rest in that acceptance in Christ, we aren’t so quick to strive for that sameness. We can accept the differences we see in others because we aren’t as focused on everyone being the same.

Rest in that acceptance today!

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