31 Days: “Join”

Being part of something can be an incredibly difficult or amazingly easy thing. Sometimes we find ourselves trying to force a connection where there isn’t one. Other relationships seem to fall out of the sky into our lap, like a gift. They minister to you, but you are also able to give of your gifts, talents, words, and actions to the other person.

In reading Kristen Strong’s “Back Roads to Belonging” book this past summer, I think the most powerful point that I needed to take home with me is that I already have so many places where I belong and am part of something.

Sometimes, I feel like I am striving towards friendships that aren’t a great fit, and these relationships can take away from the ones that I do have and I do cherish. It does not mean that I shouldn’t take risks or make new friends. It doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try to widen my circle or make other people feel comfortable. But I don’t always think of the relationships I have, including remembering the ultimate relationship I am part of, my one with Jesus!

Don’t be afraid to join others, be part of a new friendship. But remember and be thankful for the ones you have!

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