31 Days: “Listen”

How many times have you reached out to others to listen and felt unfulfilled? Listening is a neglected art in everyday life nowadays. The best of friends are often the best listeners.⁠

The next time someone comes to you to talk about a problem, would you listen to them as you would want to be listened to? It’s kind of a golden rule for listening. Don’t worry about advancing your agenda or offering your advice – just listen! It can be challenging, but it is a gift that you are giving to the person who is talking. I know this may not be appropriate for every situation, but listening often helps the other person, especially people who process things verbally, to articulate their position and help them do what they already know is right.⁠

While it might seem like a small gift of sacrifice to you may be the bright part of someone’s day.⁠

I am participating in the Five Minute Fridays 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes :: 2019 Edition. #writersofinstagram #Bible #Bibleverse #31days2019 #listen

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