31 Days: “Memory”

I have binders and albums full of photos and scrapbook pages. My husband and I got married around the time scrapbooking was really getting popular in the 90s. I have most major events between now and then chronicled in some way, whether a few photos or a whole scrapbook. I’ve gotten briefer in recent years, but still enjoy making a page of what has happened every week or two (using the @projectlifepages app), because it makes me review what has recently happened. Mostly, I choose to emphasize the good and positive events, and I often feel better after I make a scrapbook page. Why? Because I have remembered reasons to be thankful and see how God provided for another week.

I Samuel 7:12 says, ““Remember what God has done for you in the past.” This is something I want to do more faithfully. Thankfulness is not only the right thing to do, to say thank you to God for what He did for me, but it puts my heart in the right place to be content and to find more ways that He has blessed me. It takes my eyes off my circumstances and puts them on God.

How can you incorporate thankfulness into your everyday life?

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