31 Days: “Need”

Today’s writing prompt is “need” and all I can think about is…rest.

I need rest.

I need a break.

Today is less of a devotional thought and more of an admission. The last few years have brought a lot of change. Some of it has been easy and/or positive. Some of it hasn’t. It has taken a toll on me, even though I am trying to trust in God, to rest in Him, and to find my strength in Him.

So, I have been cutting back on some commitments. I looked at my expectations, my husband’s expectations, and those around me. But more importantly, I am trying to reflect on what God expects of me, and then, be OK with the results of that, even if someone else is not pleased. As someone who tends to be a people-pleaser, this is not insignificant!

I am also looking at different ways to rest. A book I have heard about, but haven’t read yet, is “Sacred Rest” by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith. It looks at the different ways we are tired and encourages you to seek rest in those areas.

I’m hoping to find rest soon, and I pray that you will, too!

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