31 Days: “Other”

I read Kristen Strong’s book, “Back Roads to Belonging” this summer, and one quote really got me. “One of the biggest gifts we have give another person is the gift of being seen.” When we feel on the outside of a group, whether it be friends, family, church, work, or whatever, it can feel like a lonely place, like an odd piece that does not fit in with the other pieces in the puzzle. But what can we do to make the world a less lonely place for others? See them. Give them the gift of being seen today. A simple hello can make a huge difference! Make eye contact with someone and give them a nod. Talk to someone before you make your beeline for your usual people. Your actions can bless other people and glorify God. I am participating in the Five Minute Fridays 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes :: 2019 Edition. #writersofinstagram #Bible #Bibleverse #31days2019 #other #backroadstobelonging

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