31 Days: “Scared”

As I am smack dab in what is, on average, past the middle part of my life, I have really begun to realize that I am not in control of life. I first wrote that I have begun to embrace it, but I laughed at that and corrected it. I think any personality test that I would take would point out how much I like security, routine, and predictability. No, these are traits of someone who likes being in control. While it can be good to be responsible, it can be destructive to “worship” order, routine, and the items/people/circumstances that make you feel in control.⁠
I listened to “The Martha and Mary” podcast yesterday by Lee Neinhuis and Katie Reid with an episode entitled “Worry and Worship”. The quote they feature for this episode is “We starve worry when we feast on worship.” How true that is! Often, when I am worrying about circumstances or possible worst-case scenarios, I am starving myself of focusing on the provision and sustenance of Jesus. When I instead turn to worship, through prayer, song, or study, I am starving worry of the attention and devotion it craves. ⁠

How will you turn to worship instead of worry today?⁠

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