31 Days: “Tell”

Psalm 105:2 NIV “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.”

In the midst of trials, change, and challenges, it can be easy to wallow, to take pity on yourself while you enumerate the too-long list of your woes. I am not trying to minimize your troubles. You may have some real struggles in your life. But dwelling on them during any time but prayer is not going to help.

The honest truth is that there will almost always be something to be thankful for. I recently listened to Lisa-Jo Baker and Christie Purifoy’s podcast, Out of the Ordinary. In episode 41, “This One is for the Weary,” Lisa-Jo told us the story of living in a tiny, sad rental house during a difficult time in her life. One of the lessons she took away from it was being thankful for the things in her life that were goals and dreams in her past. “Remember to long for what I have…and long for God, Who is not afraid of what I’m longing for.” Praising God for what He has given you and trusting Him with your future is one of the best ways to approach whatever trial you are going through.

Tell God today what you are thankful for! He will see you through this season.

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