Choosing To Please God Instead Of People

What are you telling yourself about you? What are you letting other people tell you about your worth?

When I was a young mom, I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself and looked to others, and not God, for approval. I didn’t dig deep into the truth of what God says about me as a child of God. Instead, I analyzed every situation, thinking about how this person might be mad at me, or how maybe I did the wrong thing in that situation. Overthinking led to a lot of “what-ifs”, which gave way to anxiety, which left me fairly depressed. It was not a healthy pattern. Pleasing others was an idol of sorts, and an unattainable goal. Some people will be pleased with you some of the time, but never will all of the people be pleased with you all of the time.  

When our goal is to please the Lord, the work of that is made possible by His grace. (1 Corinthians 15:10) He wants us to “do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with [Him].” (Micah 6:8b ESV) As we trust Him with our agendas, our goals, and each day, through prayer, it can be easier to hear His guidance and do the tasks that please Him. It didn’t mean I stopped doing things that pleased people, but now I do these tasks out of wanting to please God. I am not perfect at this, and I am trying to grow in this area.

What this can mean for you on a practical level:

  • Returning a call or text later instead of answering it right away.
  • Saying no to something you feel pressured to do. 
  • Spending the time during a busy day to work on something that is important but not urgent. 

May God bless you as you consider your actions today. May He help you discern what He wants you to do. And may you walk humbly with Him!

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