christmas gift guide, thoughtful gift suggestions for 2021. hands holding a present tied with baker's twine and a sprig of pine.

Christmas Gift Guide 2021

christmas gift guide, thoughtful gift suggestions for 2021. hands holding a present tied with baker's twine and a sprig of pine.

Time is running out to find the “perfect” gift!

This is exactly what we don’t want to hear and what I don’t want to say. So let’s change it! Let’s take the time to be thoughtful, to listen to what someone wants, to spend more than 5 minutes thinking about what to get someone. We can lower the bar from perfect to thoughtful.

If you are stumped on what to get someone, I’ve looked through my purchases from the past year and have some suggestions from a few different categories to make up this Christmas gift guide. You might also be able to use some of these suggestions for your own wish list if people are asking you for gift suggestions. All of the links in the Christmas gift guide are affiliate links; I will get a small commission on your purchase in most cases, but there is no additional cost to you.

Bible-related gifts

If it’s your goal to read the Bible in one year, the One Year Bible is a fantastic way to do it. Choose your preferred version. For more tips on reading the Bible in one year, see my blog post here.

Dwell is an app I started using earlier this year and treated myself to a lifetime membership when it was on sale. I enjoy having the Bible read to me, as well as the many playlists they have of Scripture that focus on one topic. I am currently working through an Advent plan, and I just started a plan on the Psalms. When the audio is playing, you can also click the “read along” tab, and I have found that works best for how my brain works. Everyone is different, so use it how it works for you! I gave one of my friends a one-year membership to Dwell to encourage her throughout the year.

For your office at home


This is my small, tuck-in-the-corner desk I use for writing. For me, It has the smallest footprint of a desk that is large enough to actually be functional.


These aren’t life changing, obviously, but they are cute pushpins for your bulletin board.

Traveling or on-the-go


When I’m on the go. I will tuck this and my iPad in a bag and have something fairly close to a laptop. If I’m at a conference or something similar, I prefer this to my Chromebook. I like using GoodNotes on my iPad for notetaking, although I do most of my writing in Google Docs.


What I like about this suitcase is the divided compartment. Having to zip in one side of the suitcase’s contents compresses them and lets me fit a little bit more into the suitcase. 

Useful items for the household


If you have a smaller move to do, like moving a college student into a dorm, these bags are so helpful! You can carry them or put them on your back like a backpack. I believe that the original design of the bags is from Ikea, and if you have a store nearby, check there! But I have used these and really liked them.


This minifridge is cute, quiet, and small. You will need to check that it fits the size of water bottles that you like, it does not fit all sizes. Before I was gifted a larger fridge, I used it in my office for the 8 oz. water bottles and mini cans of Coca Cola (before I quit drinking most soda.) I also kept a sheet face mask in there so I could have an extra refreshing face mask.

This microwave egg cooker is handy for making an egg you want to put on a bagel.

Beauty items

I find that when I am consistent at applying this, it does improve the appearance of the skin under my eyes.

I do like nail polish. 🙂 So this lets me gather my favorites into one place.

I hope this Christmas gift guide gave you some ideas for gifts for someone close to you, or for yourself. I pray that the Christmas season will be a little less rushed for you today, and that you will be blessed!

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