When I was young, I dreamed of writing the best novel ever. Fueled by the many books I read, the ultimate dream was being the one that wrote the stories. I set that aside to major in business for a while, then switched to English, where I did a lot of creative writing. But after 3 semesters of writing to what my teachers wanted, I was tired and a little jaded, and put writing aside because I was busy with something more important – getting married! The job I got involved some writing, but it wasn’t fiction and I didn’t see any connection between what I studied and what I was doing.

Many years and a lot of life events later, I revisited the dream I had. I didn’t want to be the author of a series about best friends winning dance competitions (which sounds silly unless you grew up reading books in the 80’s). I still had dreams of writing, but God had changed it into wanting to help people through writing about getting through hard times and learning to find joy in Him.

I don’t see it as one dream inherently better than another. If I still were writing fiction, He could use it. If I wasn’t writing at all, but painting or singing or many other things, He could use it. If I wrote the very best tweenage-best friend-ballet dancer series, He could use that, too.

Put your dreams and desires before God and allow Him to shape them into what He wants them to be.

This post is part of a week-long series for the #hopewriterlife New Year Writing Challenge from @hopewriters. Today’s theme was #dream.

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