Hope Rising

Unanswered prayer.

Maybe you have been praying for hours, days, weeks, months, years, DECADES, for this. And you haven’t heard a peep.

Maybe you have seen the situation get worse.

Maybe you feel like you’ve done all the right things, and yet still, God hasn’t given you the one answer to prayer that you’ve wanted the most.

I refuse to give up on hope when my source of hope is the Lord.

Psalm 31:24 says, “Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the Lord.”

I’m not talking about the kind of praying and believing that is the equivalent of holding your breath until you get what you want. You can’t manipulate God into giving you what you want.

I am talking about letting hope rise in your heart to know that God can answer your prayer, according to His perfect will. When we let our hope in God be defined by that He has done what we want, in our timing, then we aren’t really having hope in God. We are having hope in ourselves and our plans.

Placing our hope in God to answer our prayers by what He wants brings us into an even better place to trust Him.

This post is part of a week-long series for the #hopewriterlife New Year Writing Challenge from @hopewriters. Today’s theme was #rise.

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