How to Talk to Your Kids about Easter at

How to Talk to Your Kids about Easter

How to Talk to Your Kids about Easter at

Years ago, when our kids were little, my parents gave them “Resurrection Eggs,” a carton of plastic eggs with contents to tell the Easter story. My youngest delighted in this new gift, exclaiming, “Tell me about Jesus and those eggs!” While the eggs and figurines ultimately ended up scattered over the house – please tell me I’m not the only one that happened to! – I was grateful for the opportunity to interest her in a Bible story in a new way that year.

Are you trying to figure out how to talk to your kids about Easter? As babies become little ones, then tweens, and eventually teens, what engaged them one year might be deemed too childish the next. Easter presents many opportunities to share your faith with your child. There are a variety of ways to celebrate the true meaning of Easter with your kids as they grow. 

For the little ones

Most little ones love it when you read to them. One of my favorite activities with my kids was reading. When they were little, we made sure to have a Bible storybook (affiliate link) with beautiful pictures, and read it to them almost every night. Reading your child the Easter story can be a meaningful Easter tradition. If your child doesn’t have a Bible suitable for their age, it is a great addition to an Easter basket! 

Toddlers and younger children love activities, just as my little one loved those colorful eggs! Many churches plan special activities for this time, but there are plenty of ideas for having activities at home. 

For the school-age child

Some children enjoy making resurrection cookies. These cookies, which some may know as “forgotten cookies,” have hollow spaces inside, representing the empty tomb. Borrowing from Christmas traditions, a paper chain can be made to countdown the days until Easter. Add the resurrection story to it by writing one verse from Matthew 28:1-10 on each of them, telling the story over ten days. Other children may enjoy the retelling of the Easter story through the Resurrection Eggs (affiliate link.) 

A Note about the Tweens and Teens

As your child ages, and may grapple with the reality of miracles, of Jesus’ resurrection, of His cost of our salvation, you may get questions that aren’t as easy to answer. It’s OK for them to have questions – it means that they are thinking their faith through. The answers wouldn’t be important to them if they didn’t care about their faith. Take time to listen, and be willing to take time to find the answers. 

Older kids may not be as interested in some of the Easter traditions, but almost all of them will love an Easter basket. You can start a new tradition of tucking into the basket, among the candy and other Easter treats, a devotional that is written for someone their age like this one for girls (affiliate link.) These reminders of hope in Christ may be just what your older child needs as they navigate life.

No matter the age of your children, it is never too early or too late to encourage them to grow in their faith in Christ. Use one or more of these ways to talk to your kids about Easter. Take time at Easter to celebrate Jesus with them.

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