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In the Protection of the Most Powerful

“PSALM 911” is written on one of the pickup trucks I see driving around our neighborhood. I imagine I’m not the only person who has noticed those red letters on a white background. Not knowing this person, I have had to come to my own conclusions about whether it is Psalm 91:1 or Psalm 9:11. Neither conveys an immediate emergency that “911,” an emergency number here in the United States, seems to imply. But I am leaning more towards Psalm 91:1 ESV, a favorite verse of mine.

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.”

It’s just eighteen words, said in about 5 seconds, but wow. When I examine these words, I am amazed, convicted, and comforted in those few seconds, and even longer as I dwell on those words. ⁠

  • I am encouraged as I reflect on the fact that the Most High – that is, God – is even concerned with me and would offer me shelter and protection.
  • I am convicted as I think about all the times I have tried to find shelter elsewhere. I might find someone I think can fix my problems; I might try to distract myself in busy-ness or nonsense; I might rely on my own strength. None of it compares to God’s shelter.
  • I am comforted that this truth found in the Bible offers me hope and security in Him. As I study this verse closer, I looked at the original language of it in Hebrew, listed at “Abide in the shadow of the Almighty” might mean something like “lodge in the protection of the most powerful.” 

This is part of my #walkthroughpsalm91 series. I hope you will join me throughout the year as I visit Psalm 91, a beautiful chapter that provides so much hope.⁠

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