It’s Almost Christmas

It’s almost Christmas. For our house, that means we are busy on all fronts. Work for both me and my husband tends to get very frantic; last minute details on gifts and events must be attended to; and travel plans need to get straightened out. It’s not the peaceful time I might have pictured, sipping a cup of cocoa while we sorted through Christmas cards (that we have all responded to), talking about gift ideas and having comprehensive Advent devotional times. It’s a to-do list with a hard deadline, busy stores and streets, and everyday life on top of all of it. Even though I have stopped chasing “the magic of Christmas” (see my post from 11/25/19), expecting everything to shine and sparkle like a Hallmark movie, I still felt like Martha, saying, “Lord, tell [them] to help me!” (a very loose adaptation of Luke 10:40). Just this morning, I snapped at my cheery husband, who had chosen “what is better” (Luke 10:42). And even though I have felt like my times with the Lord have been improving, I’m still grumpy in my attitude around Christmas.

When you find Christmas a challenging time of year to be kind in the midst of getting “all the things” done, it may be time to reflect on your heart for the whole year. And as I reflect, I want to let go of being perfect. I want to meet God’s expectations, not my own or others. And right along with that, I want to let go of others being perfect. So many people are stressed, not just around the holidays. Why shouldn’t I show them the grace that I want to be shown?

And specifically at Christmas, I continue to desire to let go of what I’ve built up to be “the perfect Christmas”. We will see pictures of this on social media, on TV, in people’s Christmas cards, but I want the “perfect Christmas” that God has planned for me, not the one that I’ve shaped in mind. I want that all year around for my whole life!

Lord, this Christmas, please encourage us to worship you and glorify you with our lives!

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