joy and hope in a season of healing at Juliana Gordon's website

Joy and Hope in a season of healing

joy and hope in a season of healing at Juliana Gordon's website

The first time I tried Pilates, I was so sore! It was during a time in my thirties when I was much more fit, and also a runner. In fact, I tried Pilates the day before a 5K race, where I ended up running like I was moving through molasses. I spent the next few days just trying to recover from what I had put myself through.

Sometimes life can leave us feeling sore and weary. We can feel a little sore from trying to keep it together, kind of weary from circumstances that we chafe against every time we face them. Whether we are in the middle of a painful time, or dealing with its aftermath, it can be hard to find that joy and hope we once had. 

  1. Remind yourself where your hope comes from.

    If our hope is that as Christians, bad circumstances will never touch us, that everything will go our way, and that we can’t have joy unless our ideal status quo is maintained, then our hope is misguided and our joy is shallow. If our hope as Christians resides in Jesus Christ, that “all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose,” (Romans 8:28 ESV), then our hope is founded in Christ and our joy can be found outside our circumstances.

  2. Let your faith grow.

    Recently, when reading a women’s testimony of how she came to the Lord, I particularly noted when she said she was close to believing, but she had to cover the last gap of unbelief with faith. God honored her faith. When we are deep in a trial or weary of continually bad circumstances, we may need to allow God to grow our faith that He is still working and He has not given up on what seems insurmountable. Ask Him to help you have faith, and He will honor it. 

  3. Invite joy into your life.

    When I am tempted to throw myself a pity party, I uninvite myself and get on the phone with a friend. When I know a particular day might be hard, I make plans to be busy with an activity I like. I also try to keep at the ways God has me serve Him, whether it be volunteering or writing or helping someone. It’s not a denial of the circumstances – my mind brings those up frequently enough. It’s an effort not to steep in my problems, hang out with my pain, or make my life solely about my challenges. 

Lord, it can be so hard to go through difficult times. We pray that You will grow us in our faith as we face challenges, and that our hope and joy will be found in You! Thank You for Your perfect plan. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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