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Just One More Thing this Christmas


Just one more thing…

This time of year, I need to get just one more thing taken care of. 

One more card. 

One more present. 

One more detail.


Yet Jesus reminds me daily that He is worth putting off that one more task. I have been spending some time today focusing on Bible verses about Jesus. And it really is drawing me back to anticipate Christmas as a celebration of His birth.


Would you like to do the same, but you aren’t sure where to start? Here are three ways to celebrate Jesus at Christmas and the time around it. Some I have tried, and others seem like they would be helpful.

  • Advent Reading Plans on Bible.com. I especially like that you can choose shorter ones that you can finish before Christmas, instead of being bummed that you didn’t start on December 1st. 
  • Christmas Worship Playlist. Choose your favorite music streaming service and search “Christmas Worship Playlist.” Most of the time, you will find a great list of Christmas songs that encourage you to focus your heart on Jesus.
  • Advent Bible Verses from Bible Study Tools. This has 28 Bible passages for Advent.


So if you haven’t spent time today preparing your heart for Christmas, set aside that “one more thing”, at least for right now. Find a way to spend time with Jesus today.


Jesus, you aren’t just another task to check off our lists, especially at Christmas. You are the reason for Christmas and all our other days! May we reflect You this Christmas in our hearts and in our actions. In Your Name, dear Jesus, Amen!


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