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Restoring Our Souls

Psalm 23 was one of the first Bible passages I remember memorizing. I was a Sunday School kid, and a competitive one at that, so I memorized many verses growing up. Although my main motivation then were the prizes, the reward of having God’s Word in my heart with me today is the real prize.

So as I look at Psalm 23 today, I slow down over the words. One of my favorite verses in this Psalm is verse 3.

“He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.”

The New International Version says that God “refreshes my soul.” Other versions say restore, and the original Hebrew seems to be closer to that. The definition of “shuwb” or שׁוּב includes to turn back, bring back, refresh, repair, and bring back to mind (source: Today, I just want to rejoice that our caring, strong, and faithful Lord takes the time to restore our soul. Many of us feel weary of our circumstances right now. It’s easy to check out and try to soothe our souls some other way, whether it be television, anger, or some other addiction. May we trust our gracious Lord to be the One who refreshes our souls today.

Lord, We are so thankful that You are our shepherd. As we face what You have for us today, may we also seek you to restore our soul. Be glorified in our lives today! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I am participating in the #hopewriterlife challenge this week. “Fresh” was today’s prompt. 

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