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Take a look: Devotional posted at Devotable

“Too fast!” My coach warned me at one mile into the three mile race.

Most of my high school years were spent on a cross-country course or a track. I wasn’t an amazing athlete, but I was decent enough to be an average high school runner. So when my coach read the current race time to me while I was running early in the race, I thought pridefully, “Wow! I am a totally awesome runner!” It would have been a decent mile time on its own. But the pace I was running at that point in the race, it was unsustainable for the whole three mile race, especially for one with punishing and seemingly endless hills. I crashed about halfway into running the race, and ran one of my slowest races that season. My eagerness had been shortsighted, and although I had completed what was set before me, I could have done better…

Finishing reading this devotion over at https://devotableapp.com/user/julianagordon/?profiletab=posts. Thank you to Devotable for including me!

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