Unremarkable moments of doing good

I hear “Make every day count” and I want to go back to bed. How can each day be significant, meaningful, and remarkable?

There have been seasons of life where I felt like I was making very little progress on my goals and accomplishments in life. I dreamed of accomplishing “big things” and making a mark, but instead, I was relieved at the end of the day to have just kept my head above water.

Sometimes you are just waiting to get through what you are going through, and life feels on hold. You look at people working 5-year plans and you just want to get through the next 5 hours, or even 5 minutes.

I was reading Galatians 6 today and verse 9 stuck out to me. “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” And it gave me a new perspective on those seasons of waiting and enduring.

Those sleepless baby nights turned into moments with my grown-up kids.
Being there for a friend or relative through tough times means not having regrets later about not being there.
Helping at church contributed towards more people knowing about Christ.
Making my husband a priority in my life blessed our marriage immensely.

Yet there have been times where I have felt like I have kept on doing good, and haven’t reaped anything from it. And I might not ever see that on earth. But that “due time” might not come during my time on earth. And I might not be the person reaping that harvest. I choose to be OK with that because I trust God’s plan.

So if you are looking at everyone else’s highlight reels, trophies, and big success, and feeling discouraged, let God strengthen you to do his good work (2 Timothy 3:17), and continue to do your good work for today. Trust God for that harvest one day.

P.S. I wrote this last week, then listened to a podcast today that goes really well with these thoughts. Listen to the Out of the Ordinary podcast, episode 66, “The Benefits of an Unimportant Life.

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