Ways to Pray for Kids this School Year, with a chalkboard background and drawings

Ways to Pray for Kids This School Year

Ways to Pray for Kids this School Year, with a chalkboard background and drawings

The kindergarten teacher stopped me at the door. “Let her put away the backpack herself,” she said. “She has to learn.” And she was right. Pre-K didn’t seem to have any of those boundaries, but in kindergarten, the training wheels for these “big kids” to go to school had to come off. I felt comfortable with the school, the classroom, and the teacher. But I needed to start letting go in small ways with my child, giving her independence so that she could grow up into the person God wanted her to be. I needed to trust God to go with her where I couldn’t be. Praying for her became a priority that put my heart at rest.

Whether we want to pray for our little kids, our teenagers, our adult children, or grandkids, there are a lot of resources from Christian ministries and authors to help us know where to start. Here are just a few of the resources that show us how to pray for kids this school year.

  1. Moms in Prayer

    This is always one of my favorite resources to recommend. I became involved in Moms in Prayer when my kids were in school, praying Scripture over our children and lifting up their schools in prayer. Each week, the group would pray through a theme, such as patience or God’s provision, using a worksheet to pray through the 4 steps of prayer: Praise, Confession, Thankfulness, and Intercession. I especially found the structure of this hour of Moms in Prayer helpful. If you’d like to take a look at the worksheets, you can scroll down to the prayer sheets on the group leaders pageThis page can tell you how to find other moms who want to pray with you for your kids. 

  2. Praying the Scriptures books by Jodie Berndt

    I found out about these books through Moms in Prayer. I love the specific suggestions on how to pray, mixed in with meaningful anecdotes and practical advice. 

  3. Find encouragement from others in these timely articles.

    1. 13 Powerful Back to School Prayers for Students and Teachers. This helpful piece highlights several ways to pray for your student and their teachers.
    2. Crosswalk has many different prayers you can pray for your student in Ten Meaningful Back to School Prayers for Kids and Grandkids
    3. Cherie Gamble has 2 prayer calendars on this post, giving you a prayer suggestion for each day of the month! One is for traditional school families and the other is for homeschool families.
    4. Your children don’t have to be in school for you to pray for them. Empty Nest Blessed has a thoughtful article on How To Pray For Your Adult Children | Six Bible Verses To Use.

I pray that you will find encouragement from one of these resources. To read more about praying for your kids, check out Three Things I Learned From Being a Moms in Prayer Mom and Five Bible Verses to Pray for Your Kids.

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