When the holiday season is hard…

I’ve tried to set aside a “magical” holiday season for a holiday season where I celebrate
joyful and happy moments and realistically deal with everyday life and challenges. This
has been a difficult holiday season, more challenging than the ones before. I have been
missing my dad, who died several years ago. Our kids are getting older and we don’t see
them as often. Some of our traditions are changing, and honestly, change is not my favorite.⁠

So I’ve been asking myself some questions. Can I still celebrate despite a sense of loss?
Can I be joyful even when I am grieving? Can I set aside my burdens for a little while to
encourage others? I think the answer to these questions is “sometimes”. If I pretend
everything is OK, it can prevent me from doing the work of dealing with whatever is
heavy on my heart. But, I can also set aside tears for a while to celebrate with others.
I can share with others some of what I am going through, but I don’t have to make our time
together all about me. I can give myself grace to be different and sadder, but I can also
check in and see how other people are doing. My burdens, which I try to cast upon the Lord,
seem really heavy right now. Others have heavier or lighter burdens than me but everyone
is dealing with something. How can I reach out to others to encourage them? How can
I help relieve someone else’s burden, even if it is just me listening?⁠

It feels like I have parts missing and broken in my life right now, but I trust that God will
fully make me into the person He means me to be. I have hope for answered prayers, and
I trust Him for His perfect answers.⁠

I used the #FiveMinuteFriday prompt, “Full”, as the inspiration for this post.⁠ ⁠ #christianwriters #christianwriter #christianwritersofinstagram #christianwritersofig #christianwriterbloggng #JesusChristmas 

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